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"Slow Cooked for Flavor. Served Fast for Customers."

Fresh & Healthy Mediterranean Food

About The Broilers

Broilers offers authentic, fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine in a fast-casual atmosphere. All of our meats, vegetables and breads are prepared fresh daily and right in front of the customer. We are open for lunch and dinner daily to stop any of our four locations in the Central Valley.

Chef's Recommendations

Chicken Shawerma Plate

Chicken, pilaf, lettuce, tomatoes & garlic sauce served with hummos, pita-pocket bread and...

Beef Shawarma Plate

Beef, pilaf, lettuce, tomatoes & onions served with hummos pita-pocket bread and...

Gyros Platter

Gyros (beef & lamb), cucumber sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions, served with hummos, pita-pocket bread &...

Falafel Plate

Five falafels, tahini sauce, lettuce and tomatoes served with hummos, pita-pocket bread and...

Customer Reviews

Great Fast Food, Resonable

I love this restaurant for something good and quick and healthy.  The chicken salad is one of my favs, and the fallafels are really good, too.  The hummus is luscious with the warm pita bread and what is in that awesome garlic sauce they give you in the little container…that stuff is worth going for!  There are other locations at Palm & Herndon and Willow & Herndon.  All are great!

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